Sample Articles by Jeff Weld

What’s Good for STEM is Good for Education, appeared in the Des Moines Register on April 2, 2023

The Challenge and Promise of American STEM Education, in “A Nation at Launch” essays on the nation’s STEM needs, curated by the Teaching Institute for Studies in Education (TIES), October, 2022

STEM Leads ‘edu-nomic’ development for Iowa appeared in the Des Moines Register on February 12, 2022

The Front Line of Workforce Development: PreK-12 Education appeared in the Southeast Asian Journal of STEM Education in January, 2021

What’s Next For STEM for Iowa and the nation? appeared in the Des Moines Register on Dec. 2, 2020

How Educator Externships Prepare Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Workforce, appeared in The Evolllution magazine on Feb. 6, 2020

Advisory Councils Bring Sunshine appeared in the Education Commission of States EdNote on May 30, 2018

Doctoring New STEM Teachers appeared in the Education Commission of States EdNote on September 6, 2016

Meeting an American Hero, appeared in the Humboldt (Iowa) Independent on Veterans Day (November 10) 2016

Characteristics and Effects of a Statewide STEM Program appeared in the journal K12 STEM Education in October, 2015

College Ready? Or Ready Colleges? appeared in the Des Moines Register in 2015

Oldies but Goodies A Faculty Interdisciplinary Institute as Liberator from Stifling Disciplinary Mythology appeared in College Teaching in 2007 “I’m Not the Science Type”: Effect of an Inquiry Biology Content Course on Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Intentions About Teaching Science appeared in the Journal of Science Teacher Education in 2005 The clearance in vivo and metabolism of ecdysone and 3‐dehydroecdysone in tissues of the crab Cancer antennarius appeared in the Journal of Experimental Zoology in 1998


FICTION: Model Planet, in the magazine Midnight Zoo

COLUMNS: Educational Leadership Science Trends 1, Science Trends 2, Science Trends 3

ARTICLES: Educational Horizons 1 and 2 Phi Delta Kappan 1 and 2 School Administrator College Science Teaching American Biology Teacher The Science Teacher 1 and 2 Missouri Conservationist

SILLY SCIENCE: Journal of Irreproducible Results 1 and 2

Book Reviews by Weld: Humboldt’s Cosmos, by Gerard Helferich

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