Books by Jeff Weld

As the field and all of the professionals of note would expect, Jeff has provided us with more than a guide through American education as it rolls off the press in DC. Jeff’s level of storytelling and discourse are always so magical with this as no exception. The treat comes from being able to share Jeff’s experiences and through his own eyes. His mild manner, infectious smile and brilliance make their way in exponentials throughout this work. A treat for us all and a piece for the generations following! Jan Morrison, Founder and CEO, Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM
I’m impressed with the style and theme of the essays …my students would learn a great deal regarding the practical application of science education. Professor David R. Wetzel, Bloomsburg University I very much like the use of the analogy of a “Game” used by the authors. The text is VERY readable. Professor Molly Weinburgh, Georgia State University The writing style and use of the game metaphor will undoubtedly grab undergraduate, alternate entry, and graduate student interest. Professor Warren J. DiBiase, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Developed at the OSTP with the help of 40 contributors, all detailed in Charting a Course for American Education
As a coordinator for a fledgling statewide STEM network, I found this book extremely useful. Weld shows his wit and sense of humor throughout the book, making it enjoyable to read. For example, he notes that “STEM connects the bucolic educational pond of koi and catfish to the piranha pit of the broader community, making both much better.” I’d recommend this book to educators or community members interested in supporting ongoing work in STEM, thinking about it new ways, or getting some ideas to freshen current approaches. Kevin Anderson, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
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